April 30, 2002

Tonight live on the Linux Show: Microsoft obstructs and theKompany products for Zaurus

Jeff Gerhardt writes:
Tuesday, April 30th, 2002, from the home of Wayne's World, Aurora IL, tonight LIVE on
at 6pm pt, 7pm mt, 8pm ct, and 9pm et.... Kevin Hill, Jeff Gerhardt, Doc
Searls (Linux Journal), Arne Flones and Russ Pavlicek; have (may have)
another outstanding show lined up tonight on The Linux Show!!

In Segment One - Hot News: We will be covering the hot Linux news of
the last few weeks. In particular the cover story from this weeks Telephony Magazine, claiming that Microsoft Obstructs Mobile Data Roaming. IS it about time the other people in the IT industry are finally waking up to the reality people in Open Source have know for years? Or WHAT?

In Segment Two - Cool The Kompany
We are joinded tonight by CEO Shawn Gordon of theKompany.com, and we will be talking about the entire family of theKompany products for the Zaurus. The impressive list of available apps can be found at the URL http://www.thekompany.com/embedded/

Shawn has been programming since 1978 and prior to founding theKompany.com had
founded S.M.Gordon & Associates which specialized in utility software for
the HP 3000 series of mini-computers which is the platform he worked on
from 1983 to 1999. Shawn has developed in over a dozen languages and worked
in every area of I.T.(he's a geek). Shawn has also worked (corporate) for major companies in virtually every area of business which provides for a good understanding of what businesses and users expect from software and how they will use it.

was founded in August of 1999, with the original goal to build developer
applications for KDE. Since that time they have expanded our mission statement
and now also include desktop software with developer tools as well
as multi-platform support by using Qt. Most products are now
available on both Linux and Windows, and they are starting to release some
Mac OS X versions now as well. Late last year they got involved with
embedded software with the pre-release of the Linux based Sharp Zaurus PDA,
and now focus about half their attention on that platform.

Please join us on the show, and check our IRC
Remember tune in at 6pm pt, 7pm mt, 8pm ct, and 9pm et. NOTE: we are now on
Daylight Saving Time in the US.
Catch the Linux show at


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