January 28, 2003

Tonight Live: Son of "Hack Our Guest"

Jeff Gerhardt writes "Tuesday, January 28th, 2003,

from Chicago IL, home of Sultry Jazz DivaJudy Roberts
Tonight LIVE on www.thelinuxshow.com.

SPECIAL NOTE: Doc and russ are on the road, so we will be joined on the panel
by well known Linux maven Joe Barr.
Segment One- The News. We will cover THE HOT NEWS of the last few weeks tonight. In particular, Red Hat & the EOL (End of Life) for their currently supported products, does anyone find this a tad annoying? PLUS: WorkSpot's Cute VNC application, More on the HP religious conversion,.


Segment Two- Hack Our guest- Very Secure Servers using Adaptive Firewall alternatives

Tonight on the show we will be joined by Bob Toxen of Fly-By-Day Consulting, Inc. The focus will be adaptive firewalls. This is a continuation of a show that started on December 17th, continued on January 7th and hopefully will conclude tonight.

As a part of this segment, we will also be issuing a challenge to Bob to let us hack his server as a test. Come by at show start and join us as we launch a Hack Attack. We will even hand out prizes if you can hack their server, including a copy of BRU 17.0 Desktop edition. Listen to the show for details on the .

Bob's company specializes in building inexpensive Linux-based Adaptive Firewalls with Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for mixed-OS networks. Their Cracker Trap (TM) Adaptive Firewall detects cracker attacks and probes automatically and lock them out (hopefully) permanently and before they can do any damage.

Bob also bring to this conversation the credential as the author of Real World Linux Security, 2nd edition, which was just published this past October.

If you are in a band or represent an artist, please contact us asap to
be added to our play list.

Please join us on the show, and check our IRC Chat
(irc.thelinuxshow.com #linuxshow).
Catch the Linux show at www.thelinuxshow.com"


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