November 18, 2003

Tonight Live:Open Source Town Hall Meeting

Jeff Gerhardt writes "Tonight Live:Enterprise IT Week Open Source Town Hall Meeting >> on The Linux Show!!

Tonight Live: On The Linux Show!!
Tuesday, November 18th, 2003 from Chicago IL VIA Las Vegas, NV

Tonight LIVE on


At 5:45pm pt, PLEASE adjust to your time zone.... We have a unique show for tonight on the Linux Show.

Segment One- The Enterprise IT Week Open Source Town Hall Meeting.

We will be broadcasting the Open SOurce Town Hall Meeting tonight live from the
Key note stage following Darl McBrides Keynote to discuss Open Source in the
Enterprise. It should prove to be a very interesting discussion as a representative
from SCO will be at the event.

Here is the "official" description of the Town Hall Meeting from The Enterprise Week
Expo site.

The Open Source Town Hall Meeting
Conference chairman Jack Powers moderates a Town Hall discussion on the implications
of the SCO actions and the future of Open Source.
(Open to all registered CDXPO visitors.)

Jeff Gerhardt, Host and Producer, The Linux Show
Steven J. Henry, Chair, IP Transactions Group, Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.
David Schatsky, Senior Vice President of Research, Jupiter Research
Chris Sontag, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SCOsource, The SCO Group

A couple of important notes of consideration.
1) For those of you who have been giving Jupiter Media a lot of grief about inviting
McBride to Speak (his keynote), you should be aware that this Town Hall Meeting was in
place as a platform for opposing views (truths) from long ago. The complaints about
Jupiter are not warranted. If fact the reverse is true. With all the lies spewing
from SCO, the more often they speak at events, the more foolish they (SCO) look.

2) It is entirely possible that this show may not come off as expected. The network
reliability here at the Mandalay Bay is "ify" at best. If this does not work we
will attempt to record the segment and broadcast it this coming Thursday evening.

Segment Two- Open Discussion-

The regular panel will be having a conversation about their impressions of
the Town Hall Meeting as well as any important news coming out of Vegas
(comdex) this week. There will be a 5 to 10 minute break between segments to shift
equipment around.

If you are in a band or represent an artist, please contact
us ASAP to be added to our play list.

Please join us on the show, and check our IRC Chat
( #linuxshow).

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