November 18, 2003

Tool of the Month: Powertweak Linux and XFce Desktop Environment November 2003

This month, I want to cover two programs -- the first is a program called Powertweak Linux, which allows the user to tweak system settings and view
information system information. The second program is the XFce Desktop Environment. I've been using XFce off and on for a number of years now, but I'm
really hooked on XFce 4.


Let's start with Powertweak Linux. There's a similar application for Windows, simply called "Powertweak," from which the Powertweak Linux project got
its name. Powertweak displays a wealth of system information, which includes very detailed information about your CPU(s), hard disks, PCI devices,
kernel, networking, and so forth. The latest version provides some serious information on hardware, including everything you probably ever wanted to
know about your BIOS.



  • Linux
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