The Top 10 Best Linux Videos of 2013


This list of the best Linux videos of 2013 combines some of the most watched Linux Foundation videos of the year, along with a selection of the most inspiring, compelling, or just plain fun videos produced by others in the Linux community. In choosing videos for inclusion, we avoided purely promotional videos in favor of those that celebrate big milestones, seek to educate, or communicate a broader message about the values and mission of Linux and open source software. See the full playlist on the Linux Foundation YouTube channel or scroll down to see the top 10 (with a bonus video, just for fun). What was your favorite Linux video published in 2013? Tell us in the comments, below! 

1. What the Tech Industry Has Learned from Linus Torvalds: Jim Zemlin at TEDx, Concordia University, Portland

Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin, otherwise known as “Linus Torvalds’s” boss, explains how to achieve the same success that Linus, Linux and free and open source software have achieved.

“When you stand on the shoulders of giants, when you use free software and take part in this grand collaboration, you can innovate at ever higher levels,” he says.” frameborder=”0