July 20, 2008

Top 5 Awesome Linux Distro Upgrades Coming Out in Second Half of 2008

Author: JT Smith

The first half of 2008 has seen some really cool releases, such as OpenSuSe 11.0, Fedora 9 and Ubuntu 8.04.1 (SSH vulnerability fixed I believe), and some really lame ones too, like Gentoo 2008.0 (the kernel-coping error on AMD64 machines really screwed them up) and Linux XP 2008 (the only distro with trial activation, you have to read this review, itââ¬â¢s rich). Weââ¬â¢re not done yet, though. There are still some pretty major distro releases, which will blow your mind. Letââ¬â¢s dive in and see!

Link: internetling.com


  • Linux
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