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Top Linux Developers’ Recommended Programming Books


Without question, Linux was created by brilliant programmers who employed good computer science knowledge. Let the Linux programmers whose names you know share the books that got them started and the technology references they recommend for today’s developers. How many of them have you read?

Linux is, arguably, the operating system of the 21st century. While Linus Torvalds made a lot of good business and community decisions in building the open source community, the primary reason networking professionals and developers adopted Linux is the quality of its code and its usefulness. While Torvalds is a programming genius, he has been assisted by many other brilliant developers.

I asked Torvalds and other top Linux developers which books helped them on their road to programming excellence. This is what they told me.

By shining C

Linux was developed in the 1990s, as were other fundamental open source applications. As a result, the tools and languages the developers used reflected the times, which meant a lot of C programming language. 

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