October 22, 2003

Top Linux ISVs Crash Microsoft's Outlook 2003, Exchange 2003 Party

It was Microsoft's party, but two Linux ISVs tried to steal the spotlight this week by unveiling e-mail software optimized for Windows-based Outlook
2003 and Exchange 2003.

SuSE Linux, a leading Linux distributor, said that it will begin shipping in mid-November a version of its Openexchange server that offers enhanced
support for Outlook 2003 users.

Openexchange 4.1's new WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) interface, for instance, speeds up data exchange between client and
server, allowing Outlook users to access calendar, contact data, tasks and documents in realtime, according to SuSE, Oakland, Calif.

Link: crn.com


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