January 30, 2007

The Top Ten Reasons to attend SCALE

Orv Beach writes "After working on press releases for the So Cal Linux Expo for literally months, you run a bit dry sometimes. I asked the SCALE volunteers with suggestions for reasons why you'd want to come to SCALE. Here's what we came up with (remember at this point the staff is a bit punchy, too):

The top Ten Reasons to attend the So Cal Linux Expo!

12. The booth babes

11. An extended tour of LAX terminals and shuttles

10. The 405 freeway at 5 p.m.

9. Experience El Nino up close and live

8. You didn't get one of the flashing, magnetic Google pins last year

7. Your own personal 6.0 on the Richter scale

6. LinuxWorld was too far

5. Walking sideways in expo floor aisle

4. Scrumptious hotel food

3. Tell her you're shopping for that perfect Valentine's Day present and these things take time

2. Your very own VLAN

and the top reason for attending SCALE:

1. The SCALE T-shirt

(OK, there were more than ten. We had fun with it).

Seriously, folks – here's the real Top Ten reasons to attend SCALE:

10. Airport close!

9. Great raffle prizes

8. Tutorials on essential Open Source networking applications

7. Put on by people who really CARE about putting on a great show for you

6. The best place to view Open Source applications in action

5. Great talks by Open Source Luminaries

4. Best collection of .org booths anywhere

3. It's not the East Coast!

2. The best place on the West Coast to meet people who LOVE Open Source software

and the top reason for attending SCALE:

1. The SCALE T-shirt

Come to SCALE and have a blast!

SCALE will be February 9-11, 2007, at The Westin LAX Hotel. For more information or to register, see http://socallinuxexpo.com/"

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