October 22, 2001

Top winners of the Open CASCADE developer challenge

Author: JT Smith

Barbara Alvarado writes: "Paris, October 22, 2001 - With their outstanding projects on the use of standard open-source tools (Automake, Autoconf) to build Open CASCADE applications and on the development of a 5-axis machining component based on Open CASCADE, two North American developers have tied for first place in the Open CASCADE Developer Challenge. Robert Boehne of Chicago has won a week's vacation for two in Cancun, Mexico, and Olivier Coma of Montreal has won a similar trip to Callinago, Guadeloupe.

The Open CASCADE Developer Challenge has demonstrated the interest of the developer community at large in the vast possibilities of these 3D modeling components for scientific and technical applications and has resulted in the enrichment of several areas of the software. Starting this week, winners will comment on their projects and their participation in the Challenge at http://www.opencascade.com/challenge/index.html. All new components and project descriptions from the winners will be available in Open Source on the http://www.opencascade.org Web site by early November."

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