February 8, 2006

TORQUE Documentation Wiki Now Online

Author: Cluster Resources

Cluster Resources writes "Documentation for TORQUE Resource Manager is now available in Wiki format. With the new Wiki, registered users may log on to Cluster Resources' Web site to edit and update documentation. TORQUE has a strong user community and we are glad to increase community ownership and collaboration by providing access to users to be able to update the documentation directly,” said Doug Wightman, senior software manager of Cluster Resources. “Cluster Resources will certainly continue updates, but we value the excellent feedback we receive from the user community and wanted to empower users in this way.”

Users can access the new TORQUE Wiki documentation at www.clusterresources.com/torquewiki. To register as a TORQUE Wiki administrator, go to http://www.clusterresources.com/torqueregister.

About Cluster Resources:

Cluster Resources, Inc.™ is a leading provider of workload and resource management software and services for cluster, grid, hosting center and utility-based computing environments. Cluster Resources' high-performance computing solutions enable administrators to control and optimize parallel and serial computing resources. Its professional product line provides HPC sites with the most advanced workload management, scheduling and policy control (e.g., advanced reservations, backfill, checkpoint, preemption, fairshare, prioritization, etc.). is compatible with batch resource managers such as Platform's LSF, Altair's PBS Pro, and IBM's LoadLeveler, and open source tools including TORQUE, OpenPBS and others. runs on Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X environments, and is also accessible from Windows. For more information call (801) 873-3400 or visit http://www.clusterresources.com"

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