November 29, 2005

Torrentule, a new BitTorrent search engine

Viseur writes "Torrentule is a new BitTorrent search engine. It allows to find '.torrent' files, used by Bittorrent, the famous P2P exchange system.
Torrentule indexes several thousands of legal files. Torrentule is fine for the search of Linux ISO (Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva, SuSE, Gentoo and so on) and other free softwares (PostgreSQL, OpenBSD,...) and open music or video (under Art Libre or Creative Commons licenses).

Each BitTorrent link can be analyzed with Torrentule : the details of the torrent -the filelist, the number of « seeds », the number of « peers », the size of the archive,... - can be previewed.

Each research can be extend with a meta-search engine based on Google.

Torrentule is developped in PHP (GUI) and Python (crawler), two Open Source languages.

A version of Torrentule for french-speaking people is also available."


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