March 4, 2004

Torvalds, Linux users unfazed by SCO suits

The SCO Group's lawsuits against two Linux users this week sent ripples through the Linux universe, but not much in the way of fear.

Legal experts expect many Linux customers to grow more nervous as a result of SCO's suits against AutoZone and DaimlerChrysler, but Howard Feiock,
systems administrator for Baraboo, Wis.-based dairy cooperative Foremost Farms USA, is not among them.

"I don't think that SCO has a case. I am just waiting for the case to be thrown out and for SCO to subsequently go out of business," said Feiock,
whose business uses Linux for screening e-mail for viruses and is testing Oracle business software. "For our organization, we have no plans to
discontinue use of Linux in our environment whatsoever."



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