November 14, 2000

Torvalds: The truth shall make you ... rich?

Author: JT Smith

CRN via TechWeb reports on Linus Torvalds' answer to a question about making money with Linux, during a discussion at Comdex: "I can give you an analogy from the past. One
'company' that used to hold the truth was the Catholic
church. The church made a lot of money by having a
proprietary truth. All the richest people were religious
people. The Pope had a lot more money than the scientists.
The analogy is that the truth became open, like open
source, and the truth was science. I believe open source
and Linux is about the same thing. Sure, we broke the lock,
but we opened the lock and opened the door to go past
Microsoft where the whole market expands, and the end
result is going to be a lot more money."


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