November 19, 2001

Toshiba adds 64-bit MIPS-based embedded microprocessor

Author: JT Smith

From PR Newswire: Toshiba America Electronic
Components, Inc. (TAEC) with its parent company Toshiba Corporation (Toshiba)
today announced development of a new 64-bit MIPS(TM)-based microprocessor
(MPU) to enable a new-generation of cost-effective digital consumer products
that can benefit from 64-bit processing power and specialized peripherals.
Designated the TX4925, the new chip joins the TX4927 in Toshiba's TX49 lineup
and scheduled to sample in February 2002 at $25 in 10,000 piece quantities. Development tools that are planned for support include YDC AdvicePLUS(TM)
and Macraigor's Raven(TM) real-time emulators and debug systems, debuggers
from RedHat (Cygnus), GreenHills, and Macraigor, and C/C++ compilers from
Redhat (Cygnus) and Green Hills. Toshiba provides evaluation and PCI
backplane boards. Application specific reference models are provided by
Toshiba and third-parties. Real-time operating systems that are scheduled to
be supported include embedded Linux(TM), Wind Rivers Systems'
VxWorks(R)/Tornado(R) II package and ATI Nucleus(TM).
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