October 6, 2005

A totally mobile and secure email client

Shane Coughlan writes "You have 8,000 emails, 400 contacts, and your laptop battery is dead. Wouldn't it be great if everything could just work off your iPod Shuffle? Imagine an email client that goes everywhere that you do.

Do you use email?
Mobility Email is the hottest email product in the world. At the core of Mobility Email is Mozilla Thunderbird, the wildly popular open source email client. It's loaded with extensions to provide OpenPGP encryption and signing, access to Hotmail, Yahoo!, Lycos and MailDotCom email accounts, and a cool way to quickly access your contacts.

Do you go places?
The best thing about Mobility Email is that it's totally mobile. You can take it anywhere with you on an iPod Shuffle (or any other USB device). Simply plug your USB key into any Windows computer in the world and boom. There's all your email and all your contacts.

What's the catch?
Nothing. Mobility Email is free. It's open source. It's totally under your control.

To find out more, and to download Mobility Email, go to http://mobility.shaneland.co.uk./"

Link: mobility.shaneland.co.uk

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