December 17, 2003

TownPortal 0.5 "Little Christmas" released

Henri Bergius writes "BAELUM, Dec 13th 2003 -- The TownPortal developer team has released the
second beta release of TownPortal, a free portal system for villages and
local communities.

Current features of TownPortal include:

  • Managing community's generic information
  • Full dynamic, content-driven site structure
  • Localized user interface for Danish, Finnish and English
  • Home pages for local companies, clubs and families
  • Simple, integrated WYSIWYG content management interfaces, including "Edit this page"
  • News, photo galleries, event calendars and discussion forums
  • Personalized features for users
  • Automatic user registration
  • Subscribing to events and event calendars
  • Integrated quiz engine
  • Midgard Content Management Framework
  • Runs on Midgard using MidCOM Component Framework
  • Fully configurable portal layout

Changes from TownPortal 0.3:

  • New default layout conforming to Midgard Project graphical guidelines
  • Ported to the 1.2 series of the MidCOM Component Framework
  • User interface changes for better usability
  • More visual layout with Gnome stock icons
  • "Edit this page" interface for content management
  • MS Word compatible WYSIWYG editing for all content
  • Automated metadata output
  • Danish localization of the interface
  • Bundled NemeinQuiz quiz engine

TownPortal 0.5 is available for download at: /download/

Screenshots /screenshots/

Installation instructions /installation
About TownPortalTownPortal is being developed for the IT Village Package of The Digital North Denmark project by Nemein Oy, the Finnish Midgard solution provider.

The application is built on the popular Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) platform powered by the Midgard Framework and is available under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
More informationTownPortal developer team

TownPortal project page /

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