September 30, 2004

Tragic accident kills free software hacker; RMS spared

Author: NewsForge Staff

Debian luminary Wichert Akkerman -- aka Wiggy -- has been reporting on his website this morning about a tragic
automobile accident near Paris. At first Richard Stallman was thought to have been a
passenger in the car, but later reports said he had already been
dropped off when the accident occured. Wiggy will continue to update his site as more information comes in.

Stallman and the others -- Hans Bakker, Edwin Hermans, and a third hacker identified only as Sebastian S. -- were returning from the SANE04 Free Software Bazaar in Amsterdam. According to Akkerman's news page, Hans Bakker is reported to have been killed in the crash, Edwin Hermans has suffered a broken leg, and Sebastian S. is in surgery.


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