February 19, 2002

TransGaming brings DirectX 8 and Max Payne to Linux

Author: JT Smith

Breakthrough developments on TransGaming's WineX portability technology have for the first time enabled
a DirectX 8-based game title, Max Payne, to operate on the Linux
TransGaming's engineering team has been hard at work upgrading
TransGaming's WineX software to be compatible with games written for
Microsoft's latest version of the DirectX API.

Max Payne is the first major DirectX 8-based game that the updated WineX
software is able to run. Developed by Remedy Enterprises and released
last year, Max Payne is a third person action thriller featuring a
gripping storyline, impressive graphics, bullet-time action and dynamic
sound made for the Xbox, PS 2 and PC markets.

In broadening WineX to support DirectX 8, TransGaming's work was
independent of the game developers themselves with no input from Remedy
Entertainment nor any access to the Max Payne source code.

"We're very excited about these advances and the ability for a game the
calibre of Max Payne to function on Linux, " explains TransGaming's CEO
and CTO Gavriel State. "While the game isn't 100 percent yet, these
developments demonstrate how rapidly our team is able to add support for
new multimedia APIs. As we refine our technology, gamers can expect to
be able to play more and more top-rated games on Linux."

TransGaming's WineX software currently supports running dozens of
different Windows games on users' Linux systems - right out of the box.
WineX is currently available for download by subscribers from
TransGaming's web site, www.transgaming.com. TransGaming expects an
updated WineX release fully compatible with Max Payne to be available in
the next few weeks.

"It was TransGaming's subscribers who told us to make this happen,"
remarks State. Subscribers select the titles and technologies they want
TransGaming to work on, and we do our best to oblige them. Our
subscribers asked us for Direct X 8 compatibility, and recently
released, triple 'A' game, Max Payne is the first game that works with
this support. Work on supporting DirectX 8 had been underway since just
this past December.

TransGaming has demonstrated the tremendous power of WineX previously. In
September 2001, TransGaming licensed the world's top selling game,
Electronic Art's The Sims, and shipped an optimized Linux version just
eight weeks later. The MandrakeSoft "Gaming Edition", featuring The Sims
on Linux and MandrakeLinux 8.1 is available in stores across North
America and the UK.

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About TransGaming Technologies
TransGaming Technologies was founded in 2000 with offices in Toronto and
Ottawa. TransGaming develops unique software portability solutions that
seamlessly allow high demand games to operate on the Linux platform.
Coupled with additional products and services that cater to both the
avid gamer and the casual-to-sophisticated Linux user, TransGaming's
objective is to deliver the highest-quality, highest-demand gaming
titles to the Linux community.

For information, contact:

Cathy Tanner, Director, Marketing and Communications, TransGaming
Phone: 647-280-8213; E-mail: cathy@transgaming.com; Web site:

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