April 18, 2002

TransGaming unleashes WineX 2.0: Now over 80 PC games running on Linux

TransGaming Technologies, the leading provider of cross platform compatibility solutions, today unleashes its enhanced WineX technology -- the much-anticipated WineX 2.0.
WineX 2.0 allows over 80 Windows games to run on the Linux operating system, seamlessly, transparently, and right out of the box. "This is another breakthrough for TransGaming. No other company can do what we do. In February we brought DirectX 8 capabilities to the Linux platform demonstrating how quickly and effectively our technology can keep pace with Microsoft development," remarks company CEO & CTO Gavriel State. "And today, WineX 2.0 opens the door for the latest 'high twitch' PC games to run on Linux. Our subscribers have been eagerly anticipating this release and we're confident it will meet their high expectations."

The implementation of DirectX 8 support on Linux is the most significant and highest demand milestone for WineX 2.0. DirectX 8 is the de facto
standard for PC game development and is used in almost every PC and Xbox game shipping today. TransGaming's support for DirectX 8 means that more and more PC games are now playable on other platforms. For example, Remedy Entertainment's Max Payne -- one of the world's top selling action games -- now runs right out of the box on WineX 2.0.

"When we launched our web site in October 2001, TransGaming supported only a handful of games. The potential was great and our technology team has now unleashed the true power of WineX with the release of 2.0. With more than 80 games playable on WineX, we have demonstrated our ability to bring the
world's hottest titles to platforms where they have never run before." comments State.

TransGaming has an exclusive licensing agreement for the world's hottest title, Electronic Arts' The Sims. Eight weeks after receiving source code from EA, TransGaming Technologies had the product ready for manufacturing, demonstrating the immense power of WineX.

State is quick to add, "I also want to thank our subscribers for helping drive our development. Through our revolutionary voting system, they let us know exactly what they wanted us to work on next. As a 'tip of the hat' to them, we have a number of new subscriber features and contests launching on our web site today as well."

For information or for interviews with
Gavriel State, CEO and CTO or
Vikas Gupta, President and COO, contact:
Cathy Tanner, Director
Marketing and Communications
TransGaming Technologies

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. TransGaming and WineX are trademarks of TransGaming Technologies. The Sims (c) 2001 Electronic Arts Inc. Electronic Arts, The Sims , SimCity, EA GAMES, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All rights reserved. EA GAMESTM and MaxisTM are Electronic Arts brands. All other trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective

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