June 23, 2006

The Transitive Property of Dots: MS, MA & ODF

Andy Updegrove writes "While a quarter-page ad on the editorial page of the Boston Globe doubtless costs far less than a $30 million in-kind software donation, it's a good bet that the ad titled "Working Together Better by Design" that appeared in yesterday's Globe has something to do with last week's generous contribution.
If so, then by the transitive property of mathematics (which, as you will remember from middle school, teaches that "if a = b, and b = c, then a = c"), there's a connection between that $30 million donation and the ODF policy of the Commwonwealth's Information Technology Division (ITD).

We all know that Microsoft's overall goal is to retain its current share of the office productivity software market. But what's the near-term tactical goal in Massachusetts behind all of this expense? Reverse the ODF decision? Gain an early adoption of Open XML by Massachusetts? Or something else entirely?"

Link: consortiuminfo.org

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