August 2, 2005

Treffpunkt announces services for Open Source

Martin Hebrank writes "Treffpunkt Systems, the first project management services site aimed at professional Open Source development teams, is announcing its new policy of free services for groups or organizations that are supporting Open Source software. As the only project management site aimed at providing services professional Open Source developers, Treffpunkt is in a unique position to give back to the community in the form of providing services to those who are dedicated to the community at large.

Treffpunkt announced its beta test as the only professional Open Source project management services site a month ago. Logicalware, makers of mailmanager, were among the first to sign up and aid in beta testing. "Treffpunkt convinces me of its usability within five minutes, and I'm sold." said Peter Graham in a a blog article.

Treffpunkt is continuing to solicit feedback, suggestions and bug reports from Treffpunkt users to continue improving itself and to meet all their needs.

Based on the OpenACS software running on AOLserver and Postgresql, Treffpunkt is an Open Source project itself. As such we understand the importance of structured project development for presenting a professional profile to the client and continual updating of the status of all portions of it. If it's something that we wouldn't want our clients to use, we wouldn't expect your clients to want it."


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