January 18, 2006

Trolltech Announces Qtopia Core

Anonymous Reader writes "PALO ALTO, Calif. – January 17, 2006 – Trolltech®, a leading provider of technologies that makes advanced software faster to build and easier to use, today launched Qtopia® Core, a development platform for single-application products built on embedded Linux.

Qtopia Core brings the benefits of Trolltech’s proven software for the desktop to developers of a broad range of equipment, such as automotive automation, medical devices, point-of-sale, office equipment and image processing machines.
Qtopia Core technology is a major step forward and replaces Qt/Embedded as the foundation of Trolltech’s embedded product family.

“Qtopia Core supplies the infrastructure needed for developing on embedded Linux, “ said Haavard Nord, CEO, Trolltech. “With Qtopia Core, developers can focus on the value-added innovation instead of more mundane infrastructure coding.”

Qtopia Core: Development Platform for Single-Application Products

Qtopia Core as a stand-alone technology is a robust, customizable development platform for creating single-application devices powered by embedded Linux. Designed for high value applications, it includes a comprehensive set of libraries and graphical tools to help organizations quickly and cost-effectively create embedded Linux-based products.

Qtopia Core supports the same APIs as Qt 4 – bringing the benefits of Trolltech’s proven desktop software to developers of a broad range of embedded Linux equipment. It includes all the latest Qt features such as extended support for heavy-duty graphics, more internationalization with right to left text, and better tools for highly productive development. Qtopia Core customers will also reap the benefits of Qt’s worldwide developer community.

Qtopia 4 Series for Embedded Linux Application Development

Trolltech’s product strategy for Qtopia includes a variety of products to address the specific needs of a wide range of embedded Linux applications, from single-application devices to advanced feature phones, media products and much more.

"Linux has established itself in the embedded world as a mainstream technology," said Chris Lanfear, director, Venture Development Corp (VDC). “Trolltech's embedded Linux family of products are well suited to take advantage of the opportunity."

Trolltech plans to expand the Qtopia 4 Series in the coming months to address a broader range of embedded Linux opportunities. Anticipated products in the Series will include:

• Qtopia Platform: Qtopia Core with application management and user interface capabilities, enabling embedded Linux development for consumer electronics and other advanced, multi-application products.

• Qtopia Profiles: Qtopia Platform with key enablers for embedded Linux development aimed at specific vertical markets.

• Qtopia Editions: Solutions aimed at targeted product segments.

The Qtopia Series today features Qtopia Core 4, Qtopia Phone Edition and Qtopia PDA Edition.

For more information about Qtopia Core, please visit the Trolltech website at www.trolltech.com.

About Trolltech

Trolltech provides leading technologies that combine the advantages of Linux with the freedom to innovate across all platforms. The company’s flagship products are Qt, a cross-platform software development framework for the desktop; and Qtopia, a customizable application platform and user interface for Linux-based consumer devices. Trolltech software is the foundation for thousands of leading products worldwide, many from Global 2000 companies. Trolltech is a second-generation open source company, with dual licensing that supports open source values and methodology in a profitable, sustainable business. For more information about Trolltech, please go to http://www.trolltech.com./"

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