December 21, 2005

Trolltech Releases Qt 4.1

Anonymous Reader writes "Trolltech is pleased to announce the release of Qt 4.1, the latest version of its leading cross-platform development software. Qt 4.1 - the first feature release since Qt 4.0 - includes a wide range of performance and stability enhancements, as well a number functionality additions.Key features include:

-- Integrated support for rendering scalable vector graphics (SVG) drawings and animations, delivering compact, high fidelity images, independent of scale. Qt 4.1 supports Tiny profiles of SVG 1.1 and 1.2.

-- A PDF backend to the Qt printing system, making the creation of PDF files from both desktop and server applications as simple as printing

-- A lightweight unit testing framework that enables rapid, thread- and type-safe testing of Qt applications and libraries.

In addition to these key new features, Qt 4.1 introduces new functionality across the board. Additional new features include:

-- An interactive menu and action editor in Qt Designer, enabling drag-and-drop of actions into menus and toolbars

-- New proxy models to enable view-specific sorting and filtering of data displayed using item views

-- Expanded features for development with OpenGL, including support for pixel and sample buffers

-- A flexible syntax highlighting class added to the Qt text rendering framework

-- Improved integration with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, including binaries for Visual Studio .NET 2005

-- Compatibility with other C++ libraries improved via 'no_keywords'- freely mix and even connect Qt Signals and Slots with Boost.Signals

-- Support for network proxy servers using the SOCKS5 protocol

-- Support for OLE verbs and MIME data handling in ActiveQt

Universal Binaries for Mac OS X

Available with Qt 4.1, improvements to qmake - Trolltech's cross-platform makefile build tool - now make it possible to create universal binaries for Mac OS X out of the box, enabling the creation of binaries that run on both Apple's PowerPC and new Intel architecture.

For detailed information, please consult the changes-4.1.0 file found in the distribution files, or visit -4.1.0.html.


To download an evaluation version of Qt 4.1, please go to"


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