March 26, 2002

Trolltech ships application environment for mobile Linux devices

Anonymous Reader writes "Mar. 25, 2002 Trolltech today announced the general availablility of an SDK for developing applications using Qtopia , a Linux-based application environment for mobile embedded devices.
Qtopia provides the application platform for Sharp's recently introduced Zaurus SL-5500 Linux-based PDA, and Trolltech expects other recent design wins to result in the introduction of 8-10 additional new consumer products during 2002. Sharp's Zaurus SL-5500 is the first PDA from a major power in consumer electronics to ship with embedded Linux. Qtopia is intended for use in PDAs, smartphones, Internet appliances, and other mobile devices running Embedded Linux. The product includes a set of applications for productivity, information management, Internet content, entertainment, and synchronization across multiple desktop operating systems. These include an address book, calendar, to do list, text editor, MPEG and MP3players, international city clock, asteroids game, Mine Hunt, Go, plus many more. : ""Qtopia is the missing piece that is needed to make Linux a leading player in the PDA market," said Haavard Nord, chief executive officer for Trolltech. "We believe that Qtopia represents the first viable 'third way' in mobile computing, with the flexibility, simplicity, power and portability that has been missing from the Palm OS and Pocket PC platforms," Nord added. "Many device manufacturers are evaluating Qtopia right now, and several will launch products in 2002.""


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