June 28, 2005

Trusted network technologies releases identity 2.0, introduces industry's first identity operating s

PRESS RELEASE - Pamela Brubaker writes "New enhancements advance current identity movement by enabling enterprise scalability, rapid deployment and greater visibility of IT interactions

ATLANTA, GA –– June 27, 2005 – Trusted Network Technologies, Inc. (TNT), a leading developer of identity audit and control solutions, today announced the release of Identity™ 2.0, its innovative software and appliance solution that allows organizations to see, control and prove who’s doing what with any server or application, anytime. With the launch of Identity 2.0, TNT is also announcing IDOS™, its Identity Operating System, which provides the foundation for an extensible identity platform in enterprise environments.

“Customers and industry analysts have responded very favorably to the enhancements available within Identity 2.0,” said Steve Gant, Founder and CEO for Trusted Network Technologies. “We have recently deployed three large enterprise customers with Identity 2.0, including a Fortune 50 retailer, a large university, and a government research institute. They came to us because no other existing technologies could provide the level of identity control and visibility, and the quick speed of deployment as Identity 2.0 does.”

“We needed an easy to deploy, infrastructure neutral solution that provided granular access control and detailed auditing for a critical segment of our infrastructure,” said Carter Heath, IT Security Officer with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. “TNT delivered that solution with Identity 2.0. Identity is easy to deploy, easy to manage, and locks down access to our critical infrastructure to only those ‘identified’ users. Simply said, the Identity solution just works.”

TNT’s Identity 2.0 is a simple, affordable software and appliance solution that establishes pervasive identity for every user, computer, server and application so organizations can easily enforce what authorized users can and can’t see or do. The identities are permanent and unalterable, and users without an identity can’t access a company’s assets at all. Identity’s clear, comprehensive reports satisfy auditors. In addition an organization can apply policy incrementally to users, groups, systems, applications, and subnets, easing deployment and reducing risk.

Responding to the market demand for enabling pervasive identity across the entire organization, TNT has developed IDOS, its Identity Operating System. Identity 2.0 supplies the software and appliance elements of IDOS. For IT organizations considering identity-based technologies to improve operations, provide granular control, and — most importantly — link IT to business processes, IDOS provides an extensible identity platform that encompasses the extended network.

With the release of Identity 2.0, users gain greater enterprise scalability, rapid deployment, and enhanced visibility and reporting. Some of the specific capabilities delivered by the enhanced 2.0 features include:

• Unique Realms Enhance Security & Flexibility: Each installation of I-Manager, Identity’s policy management system, establishes a unique security realm, for controlling access among users, devices, servers, and applications for both intra-enterprise and inter-enterprise deployments.
• Expanded Directory Integration: Identity now allows expanded directory importation and automated synchronization to ensure the integrity of identity-based controls.
• Subnet Level Policy: I-Manager enables networks and subnets to be assigned identity attributes to ensure greater asset aggregation and more granular policy control.
• Enhanced Application Representation: Application-level identity has been expanded to include dynamic port address assignment and management.
• Server and Workstation Grouping: Policies can be applied quickly and easily to servers and workstations within administratively-defined groups.
• Enhanced User Interface: I-Manager facilitates much broader enterprise-wide policy definition and deployment through a new simple and powerful navigation interface.
• Simplified Installation of Identity Driver: Administrators can rapidly distribute and install the Identity Driver using configuration management systems such as Microsoft® Systems Management Server (SMS), Novell® ZENworks®, and IBM Tivoli® Configuration Manager.
• Audit Mode Visibility: I-Gateway can now be configured to run in an open mode with no policy defined to facilitate auditing and ensure enterprise identity control and integrity.
• Enhanced Reporting: Reporting is now easier than ever, and you can see information about your connection activity and policy assignments in the I-Manager interface.
• SNMP Integration: Identity now provides information about policy configuration administration and resource utilization for use with systems and network management platforms.

Identity 2.0 is currently available. Contact Trusted Network Technologies at 678.990.5530 for pricing information.

About Trusted Network Technologies, Inc.
Trusted Network Technologies (TNT) provides identity audit and control solutions that enable companies to see, control and prove every user interaction with every computer, server and application. Utilities, retailers, government agencies, and Fortune 1000 companies rely on TNT solutions to save them millions in complying with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory mandates, prevent the debilitating risk of exposing confidential information, and extend new services securely to partners and customers. TNT solutions enable these identity-driven companies to automate identity auditing and control as a fundamental business function, simultaneously strengthening and simplifying identity management and enforcement. For more information, visit www.trustednetworktech.com or call 877.222.8736.

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