April 2, 2001

Tuesday April 3, 2001 LXNY meeting

Author: JT Smith

LXNY will have a general meeting Tuesday 3 April 2001. This meeting is free and open to the public.
Tuesday 3 April 2001 LXNY Meeting: Vagn Scott will speak on state,
time, client-sysadmin systems, and disaster recovery of whole lans
From: secretary@lxny.org
To: editors@newsforge.com
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 04:49:29 -0400

LXNY will have a general meeting Tuesday 3 April 2001.

This meeting is free and open to the public.

The meeting runs from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  After the meeting full and
precise instructions on how to get to our traditional place of refreshment
will be given in clear.

Thanks to support of the IBM Corporation, the meeting is at their building
at 590 Madison Avenue at East 57th Street on the Island of Manhattan.
Enter the building at the corner of Madison and 57th and ask at the desk
for the floor and room number.

Both source secret and free software local area networks today suffer from
a general failure to grasp that the lan is but a single device meant to
provide a well defined traditional bundle of services, at a decent level of
ease and reliability.  Instead lans are thought of as ad hoc collections of
hardware and software.  Often the very specifications of the lan are
treated as being too insignificant to even record.  Naturally in such
circumstance, costs are high, performance uncertain, and client
satisfaction low, except for those few clients willing to pay the going
price for very good custom systems administration.

Free software is transforming every sector of the computer industry and in
most cases, a big part of the change is a move to a more open and hence
more competitive market.  The free software forces now stand before every
gate of the huge walled empire called "The Desktop".  Our agents have
already seized some of the internal lines of communication of The Desktop,
such as some mail systems, print and file daemon systems, etc., but the
final battle has not yet been joined.  One of the several secret weapons of
our side, now being developed in plain view, of course, is the single
device lan.  The single device lan still needs several standardized parts,
which remain to be placed in mass production.  The way-back program is one
such critical part.  Sometimes called a "disaster recovery system", the
uses of such a flexible instrument of state recording, preservation, and
impressment extend beyond insurance against the day of gross
hardware/software failure.

Vagn Scott will speak, in general, about his approach to systems
administration, and, in particular, about his latest disaster recovery
tool, which uses one or more CD(s) as the medium of state preservation.  On
defined hardware, this tool makes possible three stroke installs of whole
working free *n*x systems.


Upcoming events:

There will be an Install Fest within the next few weeks.  We will have a
decent net connection and many helpers, so if you are new to free operating
systems, now is a good time to assemble your hardware.  The best way to
install any OS new to you is with people right there who are able and
willing to help.

Jay Sulzberger 
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.
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