July 27, 2004

TurboLinux 10F Reviewed by Mad Penguin

SilentBob4 writes " I was introduced to TurboLinux back in early 2001 when they released TurboLinux Server 6.5, and let me tell you I was instantly sold. In the role of a server this distro simply excelled in pretty much all respects as far as I was concerned at the time. Of course, times change and so do opinions. I later moved on to more community-supported distributions as TurboLinux changed hands and their subsequent releases to the public were limited trials. I tried their 7.0 workstation release that same year and immediately removed it from my system... needless to say I wasn't impressed at all. It lacked on usability and was really sub par in the speed category. Other distros blew this one out of the water... and that was the last time I tried TurboLinux. Until now."

Link: madpenguin.org


  • Linux
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