August 3, 2001

TurboLinux for IBM eServer iSeries

Author: JT Smith

San Francisco, Calif, August 2, 2001-Turbolinux®, Inc., the leader in high-performance Linux for Internet infrastructure solutions, today
announced the general availability of the first fully supported Linux distribution for IBM eServer iSeries. Turbolinux is also providing support for
IBM's eServer pSeries. Turbolinux 6.5 (TL 6.5) features complete Linux server distributions that provide functionality previously unavailable to
iSeries customers, including Linux's firewall and Web server, and Windows-compatible file, print and email services. As a result, this release
makes e-commerce integration and server consolidation both easier to implement and less expensive. For pSeries, Linux offers a reduced cost
of computing for a number of application areas. "By combining the openness and flexibility of the Turbolinux platform with the performance and reliability of IBM's eServer products, mid-sized
customers gain an industrial-strength Linux environment typically found in larger businesses," said Ly-Huong Pham, CEO of Turbolinux. "Our
partnership with leading Linux and IBM services experts means that our customers can confidently deploy Linux applications without having to
hire a Linux guru."

With TL 6.5, enterprise customers gain faster access to data and a growing portfolio of Linux applications that utilize IBM middleware, as well as
unmatched hardware/software service levels for Linux applications. In addition, the unified code base of TL 6.5 simplifies global deployment
through its support of li18nux (Internationalization) and LSB (Linux Standard Base) standards. It supports multiple languages, including English,
Japanese, Korean, and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Turbolinux also announced it has entered into agreements to provide round-the-clock daily call center support, training, application enabling,
and onsite professional services for IBM eServer iSeries and pSeries customers.

IBM eServer - the bedrock of e-business
Thousands of companies use the IBM eServer iSeries and pSeries systems to run their businesses. Both are popular choices with small to
mid-sized businesses because they feature efficiencies that make management simpler and also dramatically reduce IT costs. With IBM eServer
iSeries running Linux, mid-sized enterprises can take advantage of advanced IBM logical partitioning technology, a powerful server
consolidation solution previously available only to IBM enterprise customers on its eServer Z900 mainframe. A single iSeries server can support
up to 31 separate Linux servers, providing customers an easy-to-manage alternative to the high cost and complexity of server farms. Each
Linux server runs in its own partition and is able to share processors, disk, tape, CD-ROM, DVD and LAN resources with the other applications
running on the iSeries server.

"This relationship brings Linux fully into the mid-range server market and provides an integrated solution, combining the strengths of Linux and
OS/400," said Kim Stevenson, vice president of IBM eServer marketing operations. "Linux enables a new stream of e-business applications for
IBM eServer iSeries and pSeries, and backed by Turbolinux's 24x7 support, provides a great solution for any mid-sized enterprise looking to get
the cost and functionality benefits of Linux."

TL 6.5 supports selected eServer iSeries Models 270, 820, 830 and 840. TL 6.5 will be available on IBM eServer pSeries p640, an up to 4-way,
64-bit, high-density, rack-mount, SMP enterprise server designed for reliability, availability and serviceability with excellent performance and

Price and Availability
Turbolinux 6.5 for IBM eServer iSeries and pSeries is available from Turbolinux sales offices around the world. Pricing depends on the
customer's system configuration specifications, and support and service requirements. Turbolinux currently supports IBM's G4, G5, G6,
MP2000 and MP3000 systems and IBM eServer zSeries 900, as well as the new IBM eServer iSeries and pSeries. For more information, please

About Turbolinux, Inc.
Founded in 1992, Turbolinux develops Linux-based software solutions for Internet and enterprise computing infrastructure, including reliable,
available and scalable operating systems for workstations and servers and software clustering solutions for computing traffic management and
peer-to-peer distributed computing. Backed by more than $95 million in investments from some of the world's leading technology companies,
including Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, NEC, Novell, Oracle, SGI and Toshiba, Turbolinux is headquartered near San Francisco with
offices around the world. For more information, visit the Turbolinux Web site at

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