February 7, 2002

Turbolinux PowerCockpit wins Product Excellence Award

Author: JT Smith

Turbolinux(R) Inc., a worldwide leader in Linux operating environments and multi-platform software deployment and management products enabling computing assets to be quickly redefined on demand, announced formally today that the company's server provisioning product, PowerCockpit, won the Best-in-Show Product Excellence Award for best Network/Server Application at Linux World Expo which concluded last week in New York City.

PowerCockpit automates the process of configuring, deploying, or redeploying systems on a network -- whether client/server or mainframe -- turning every server on a network into a recyclable asset, computing power that can be reallocated and scaled to meet current business demands. PowerCockpit deploys the entire server software environment, including the operating system, middleware, and application software. IT professionals configure one server software environment, collect the software image and then deposit the image in an image repository. Now, through deploying those images, the functionality of servers can be quickly and dynamically defined. As such, the benefits of PowerCockpit are exponential: images of server software environments can be captured, stored in a library, deployed to thousands of servers, and re-used whenever they're needed, even months or years later.

"PowerCockpit was up against formidable competition, so it's a considerable validation to be recognized in this forum," said Pete Beckman, vice president of engineering at Turbolinux and one of the lead developers of PowerCockpit. "PowerCockpit's ability to classify servers by their processing power, rather than by their software, is changing the face of network infrastructure, allowing enterprises to create a flexible and responsive technology infrastructure without the need to purchase new equipment -- and we're excited that our colleagues recognize this value proposition."

Finalists for the Best-in-Show Product Excellence Award for Best Network/Server application included: Computer Associates: eTrust Access Control; Covalent Technologies: Enterprise Ready Server; Egenera: BladeFrame rel. 1.1; IBM: IBM DB2 for Linux; Sistina Software: Logical Volume Manager; Ximian: Red Carpet Corporate Connect.

About Turbolinux

Founded in 1992, Turbolinux Inc. is a global software company providing Linux operating environments and multi-platform software deployment and management products that allow computing assets to be quickly redefined on demand -- enabling true flexible processing power. Backed by some of the world's leading technology companies, including Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, NEC, Novell, Oracle, SGI and Toshiba, Turbolinux is headquartered near San Francisco with offices around the world. For more information, visit the Turbolinux Web site at http://www.turbolinux.com."

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