January 11, 2002

Turbolinux selected for e-learning platform in Hong Kong

Author: JT Smith

Turbolinux, Inc., the high-performance Linux company, announced that
the Visualized Interactive Team in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the University of Hong Kong chose Turbolinux as the underlying operating system for its new Electronic Education Mall.

The Electronic Education Mall promotes the use of the Internet throughout primary and secondary education.

"We chose Turbolinux because it is the only Linux distribution on the market with multi-language support," said Dr. Herbert Li, leader of the Visualized Interactive team and Dean of Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. "Turbolinux has a well equipped Linux OS and a great high availability solution development and technical support

The Electronic Education Mall, powered by Turbolinux Server, is primarily for school administrators, teachers, students and parents. The purpose of the mall is to provide a web-based interface so that schools in Hong Kong and Mainland China can set up web pages that accelerate Internet learning.

The Electron Education Mall will be used by teachers to post assignments, syllabi and problem-solving solutions.
Students are able to log into the mall and download assignments, access problem solving techniques and gain valuable Internet experience.

"Turbolinux is proud to be partnering with China's top school, the University of Hong Kong, to develop platforms which accelerate the Internet learning curve," said Ashok Pandey, general manager and president, Turbolinux Asia Pacific. "The Electronic Education Mall further illustrates our continued growth in China and our support of education programs."

The Electronic Education Mall provides free domain name hosting and mapping services to the local Chinese education communities. Members are given 10MB of storage capacity for web site hosting. Users upload their web pages by using the mall's web-based FTP tool.

About Turbolinux, Inc.
Founded in 1992, Turbolinux is a market leader in Linux software clustering solutions and Linux internationalization,
with investment backing from more than 20 global computer companies, including Compaq, Dell, Intel, NEC, Novell,
NTT and Oracle. Headquartered near San Francisco with offices around the world, Turbolinux solutions are supported
globally by Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and IBM. The company's home page is located on the Internet at
www.Turbolinux.com, in Japanese at www.Turbolinux.co.jp and in Chinese at www.Turbolinux.com.cn."

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