November 5, 2001

Turbolinux Systems Korea to distribute RTLinux/Pro

Author: JT Smith

Monica Ortiz writes: "Socorro, NM -- November 1, 2001 -- Finite State Machine Labs, Inc (FSMLabs) today announced its partnership with Samsung SDS affiliate, Turbolinux Systems, Inc. Turbolinux Systems will market and offer technical support for FSMLabs real-time operating system RTLinux Pro in Korea and in the wider Asia/Pacific region.
"Turbolinux Systems has strong roots in Korea, China, and other areas in the Asia-Pacific rim. They have a range of complementary products and a reputation for good customer service," said FSMLabs CEO Victor Yodaiken.

"RTLinux is the solution for the growing Asian embedded systems market which requires true real-time processing," said Turbolinux Systems CEO Michael Bae. "The combination of open source Linux and the exceptionally reliable RTLinux real-time kernel is a great fit in areas ranging from industrial control to networking."

Turbolinux Systems, is a joint venture between Turbolinux USA and Samsung SDS. The partnership with FSMLabs enables them to be a reseller of RTLinux/Pro as well as provide technical support, education, and custom development in Korea, China, and Taiwan. They join other FSMLabs partners including Red Hat, AMD, A&A Linux, and AstonLinux.

RTLinux/Pro is a robust, commercial "hard" real-time processing application that runs concurrently with Linux and BSD operating systems. It employs a patented dual kernel technique that allows time-sensitive processes to cooperate with but preempt general purpose applications within complex computing environments. RTLinux is already a core technology solution for Industrial Automation, Communications, and Instrumentation companies that require controlled and dependable hard real-time processing.

More information about RTLinux/Pro is available on the FSMLabs Web site: For more information about FSMLabs and its partners, contact Monica Ortiz at 415-990-5513 or

About FSMLabs, Inc.
FSMLabs was founded by the creators of RTLinux with the goal of extending speed and accuracy in the development of realtime and embedded systems. By developing systems that reduce complexity and unpredictability, we advance realtime state-of-the-art. By endorsing and promoting internationally recognized POSIX realtime standards, we help ensure ease of development and application portability. With engineering staff and technology partners worldwide, FSMLabs pursues solutions characterized by simplicity, robustness and precise design. For more information, email and visit

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