December 20, 2001

Turku is choosing linux

Author: JT Smith

Atte Tenkanen writes: "The first investigationconsidering Linux and OpenOffice in Turku government is ready. Committee of computer operation recommends to move
office platforms to OpenOffice till the end of 2003 and in the long run
change Windows systems to Linux. (editor's note: the linked pages are not written in English.)

First 200 linux workstations can run in autumn 2002 and production of
3000 linux workstations will begin in winter 2003 if pilot studies go well.

Next they will investigate how linux environment works in longer run and
how widely it will be used in other local governments in Finland and in
other parts of Europe. Also the Ministry of Finance in Finland
investigates the possibilities to change system platforms to linux. This
investigation will be ready in March 2002.
People in computer committee of Turku things that users will soon to become accustomed to linux system.

Microsoft replied on wednesday and knocked out the plannings in Turku.
They told about their own investigation in Vaasa (Town in Ostrobothnia,
Finland). According to it they will spare 1/3 of charges using Windows.

Atte Tenkanen

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