November 3, 2003

Tut Group UNIX Onwership study

Author: Tut Group

Chuck Talk writes "There are some facts that are out there that should not be missed, and the Tut Group ownership study is definitely an important review if you are curious about the history of UNIX ⢠in a very general sense. The presentation does make it clear where many of the ideas underlying the SCO Group litigation come from, as well as why they are destined to fail (IMHO remember IANAL, seek legal counselâs opinion and all the other appropriate disclaimers).

Some of the more interesting things from the presentation include the fact that the early distributions of BSD and UNIX were free (as in price and freedom), and that only later did the idea of source licenses appear. In fact, there were no per-machine licenses, but rather per-institution licenses.

Another early thing to note is that BSD was farther ahead of the Commercial System V from AT&T. It had progressed in both popularity and features beyond the commercial releases of System V UNIX. This is in contrast to what the SCO Group have been claiming, and in light of these facts, their claims seem very suspect. You should particularly note is the statement that âLater BSD developments continued to be added to System V by AT&T to keep up.â"


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