February 27, 2006

Tutorial: C Lessons Project

anonymous writes "Learn C programming from these daily lessons. They're nine days ahead of you already so get busy...

"It is weekend, but I won't give you day off... Instead I'll provide you with new lesson about Logical and Conditional Operators, along with some practical program coding and few interesting examples. You'll notice when you follow this lesson you'll have no problem following the text and learning more "advanced" steps. You'll already be ready for writing your own simple lines of C language!"

C Maniac Lessons

This website I found will provide you with lessons and quality material to learn basics of C language programming in just a few days. All you have to do is visit it here and then and read trough posted lessons. You will notice new lessons are submited every day or two. It would be practical if you had some compiler program installed on your computer and used it parallel to this lessons, but again it isn't neccessary... just follow and read theese lessons and examples, and you'll be on your way! Let's not waste time, here we go..."

Link: visualmaniac.com

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