December 9, 2004

TUX Magazine : Konqueror Web Shortcuts

Marcel Gagné writes "I'm a two browser kind of guy. Somewhere, on one of my virtual desktops, I always have a copy of Firefox open. On another, I have Konqueror. Both of these are incredibly capable browsers with their own strengths, strengths which are unique to both and which, as a result, leave me running two different browsers all the time. Firefox is there because, quite frankly, it can handle pretty much any web page I throw at it, even those that then to be a little (oh, how shall I put this) specific to that other OS.

Konqueror's real strength comes from its tight integration into the KDE desktop but that's not all. This amazing program is a file manager par excellence with capabilities that would require a pretty generous article, something I may yet do here. What I want to tell you about right now though is a means by which Konqueror lets you get at information on the Internet with nothing more than a few keystrokes. Let's look at an example:"



  • Linux
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