May 16, 2005

TUX Magazine Surpasses 50K Circulation

James Gray writes "Publication targeting the new Linux user grows beyond expectations - Carson City, NV -- SSC Publications Ltd. today announced that its new publication, TUX Magazine, has surpassed 50,000 subscribers in only its second issue. TUX Magazine is a controlled-circulation, digital publication that supports the new user of the Linux operating system, from novices through to intermediate-level users. The growth of TUX Magazine is reflective of the rapid growth rate for Linux worldwide.

"Clearly a dire need existed for a publication like TUX, because its success has greatly exceeded our expectations," commented Nicholas Petreley, editor in chief of TUX. "The data show that Linux is growing rapidly on the desktop, even faster than MacOS, and I expect that growth to accelerate now that a publication like TUX exists, which explains Linux in such a down-to-earth way."

Since joining TUX as editor in chief for Issue 2, Petreley has also put his stamp on the publication with new features that increase its appeal to everyday computer users. For instance, "Q&Z With Mango Parfait" is an interactive column in which a fictitious female Manga character answers real Linux questions submitted by readers in a fun, off-beat style. In addition, Petreley has expanded coverage of everyday tips and tricks that every new Linux user will find useful.

TUX is one of SSC Publications' several Open Source publications, the most famous of which is the original, largest and most respected Linux publication, Linux Journal. "The fact that TUX is suited so perfectly for new users shows our commitment to being the global leader in the emerging Open Source publishing space," said Phil Hughes, publisher of SSC Publications. "With more than a decade of Linux and Open Source experience, only SSC has the 'street cred' to produce a publication like TUX that offers its readers the perspective, advice, and inspiration to get the most out of their Linux desktops."

TUX Magazine is available for cost-free download at the TUX Homepage. Further information about TUX is available at Information about advertising opportunities can be found at the TUX advertising page.

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TUX is published by SSC Publishing Ltd., the leading Linux and Open Source authority, which has produced quality IT reference materials since 1983. Its properties include,,,, and the the market-leading international print magazine, Linux Journal. Additional information can be found at SSC Publishing's web page,

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