January 15, 2007

Tux Paint Project Calls for Contributions

Bill Kendrick writes "The Tux Paint project is seeking contributions of new content to be included in the next release of their award-winning Open Source drawing software for children.

Volunteers with skills in photography, image manipulation and drawing are sought to help expand Tux Paint's collection of "rubber stamp" imagery (pre-drawn and photorealistic objects that can be placed in drawings) and coloring-book-style "starter" templates (scenes which can be colored and stamped upon).

Contributors and volunteers can contact Bill Kendrick, lead developer and project manager of Tux Paint, via e-mail at bill@newbreedsoftware.com.

Those interested in participating in the Tux Paint project are also encouraged to subscribe to an appropriate TuxPaint.org mailing list. Serious contributors may contact Mr. Kendrick to request privileged access to the project's developmental source-code repository at the SourceForge.net software collaboration site. (A SourceForge.net account is necessary.)"

Link: tuxpaint.org


  • Open Source
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