March 10, 2007

Tux-shaped PC gains dynamic web server stack

Davide Cantaluppi writes "Italian embedded software specialist KDev is shipping Linux-based firmware for a tiny RISC-based SBC (single-board computer) available with a Tux-shaped case. Kdev's FoxServe firmware for the Acme Fox SBC provides a dynamic web server environment, including Apache, PHP, SQLite, SSL/TLS security, and Web-dav.

Acme Fox is a tiny 2.6 x 2.8-inch (66 x 72mm) SBC based on an Etrax 100LX MCM (multi-chip module). The module weds 8MB of flash and 32MB of RAM to Axis's Etrax 100LX, a highly integrated system-on-chip with a 32-bit 100 MIPS (million-instructions-per-second) RISC core, on-chip controllers for 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, four high speed serial ports, two USB ports for both host and device, IDE, SCSI, and two IEEE-1284 "fast" parallel ports.

Additionally, a Tux-shaped case is available for the Acme Fox board.

KDev principle Davide Cantaluppi says his FoxServe firmware implementation for the Acme Fox includes a full build of the Apache 1.3.37 webserver, along with a variety of dynamically linked plugins and standalone applications aimed at providing a full-featured dynamic web server. Suggested uses cited by Cantaluppi include developing and sharing web applications; sharing items stored on USB keys, digital cameras, and MP3 players; and, controlling I/O lines, I2C devices, and Hitachi HD44780 alphanumeric LCD displays directly from PHP scripts.

Software components integrated with FoxServe include:

* Apache 1.3.37
* PHP 5.0.5 (mod_php5)
* SQLite
* Mod_ssl -- for strong crypto via SSL v2/v3 and TLS v1
* Mod_dav -- for mapping the device as a "web drive"

Additional touted features include a "web compiler," ssh, and ftp access.


The FoxServe firmware is available now, direct from KDev, preinstalled on the Acme Fox board. The board, with firmware, is priced at $165 Euros (~$216), or 186 Euros (~$243) with a Tux-shaped case."

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