April 19, 2002

Tux visits the dutch MS Office

capedro writes: "Armijn Hemel and I (Joor Loohuis), being frequent writers for Linux Magazine, (the Dutch one, no, we don't translate, we write our own copy), were asked to man the Linux question desk at The InterNetworking Event (TINE) in Amsterdam, on April 3-5. In that we saw an opportunity to save a few souls, and above all to have a lot of fun. The final afternoon we were busy giving away one meter high (three feet for the metrically challenged) inflatable Tuxes to anyone who would get a highscore in tuxracer. I was actively looking for new contestants when two Microsoft employees happened by our stand. Forget the highscore, I'd give these people a Tux anyway if they wanted it! One of them, Raul Pesch, immediately took me up on my offer, and promised to take some photographs of Tux at Microsoft Netherlands headquarters. One thing's for sure, they definitely have a sense of humor over at Microsoft.

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