March 30, 2001

TUXIA successfully launches into Australia

Author: JT Smith

Sydney, Australia - March 2001 - TUXIA was successfully introduced to the Australian market at the recently held IT Comdex/Linux Expo 2001, at the Sydney Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour. With close to 400 exhibitors and over 32000 visitors at the expo, the expo provided them with an excellent opportunity to launch their company TUXIA - a leader in the field of Embedded Linux solutions for Internet Appliances and their product - TASTE (TUXIA Appliance Synthesis Technology Enabled).
TUXIA was nominated finalists in three different product categories. The categories were:

· Best Product for Contribution to Linux (Sponsored by PC World)

· Best Corporate Product (Sponsored by Australia Personal

· Best New Technology (Sponsored by ACP Tech)

TUXIA specialises in embedded Linux software suites for Internet and Information appliances that provides technology-based solutions for business. The suite called TASTE (TUXIA Appliance Synthesis Technology Enabled) is a solution based on Linux Kernel 2.4 with an embedded Mozilla browser and other functionalities, making TASTE robust, stable and the most open embedded software that can be integrated into any hardware platform. TASTE is small with a compression ratio of up to 3:1. The system is stored on a flash chip thus eliminating a need for a hard disk.

TASTE's, Software Reference Design (SRD) enables a faster time to market and can be customised to address customer requirements. Current TASTE solutions include Thin Clients Solutions, Settop Boxes Solutions, WebPads⢠Solutions, Screen Phones Solutions and CRT Pads Solutions.

TUXIA also provides a new development tool called TSE (TUXIA Synthesis Environment) that enables customers to easily integrate TASTE into virtually any hardware platform allowing them to customise TASTE and differentiate their products to maintain an important edge.

The future is certainly bright for TUXIA. The positive "First Impression" generated at the expo will allow TUXIA to position itself as the best provider of Embedded Linux Software for Internet Appliances in the market."

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