May 2, 2003

TuxMobil - Excessive Linux Domain Grabbing

Werner Heuser writes "As a result of the trademark charge by the trademark holder to Asterix and Obelix against my site MobiliX (UniX on Mobile Devices) I had to withdraw the domain in February 2003.

Looking for a new name I found many websites which expressed Linux and included words for mobility in their domain names.

Some of these websites do not seem to offer any content related to Linux. Often their names are just variations of the famous site Linux-on-Laptops by Kenneth E. Harker.

You can find domains which simply include keywords of the plural form or replace the word laptop with "notebook". Some just add "mobile" attributes. Further
details and an additional research of Linux trademarks you may find in my article at TuxMobil. More news about the trademark charge will be available on May 27th 2003."



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