August 23, 2007

Two Months with Ubuntu Linux and Loving It

Author: JT Smith

This is the story of one programmer and his move from Windows to Ubuntu. It's an interesting look at how to make the move while coping with one's reliance on certain Windows-specific programs. From the article: "My typical day consists of launching the OS in the morning (takes about 20 seconds to load from cold boot). I run the built-in Evolution e-mail program, Opera, OpenOffice apps, and other utilities pretty much all day. I go in and out of Windows as necessary through VMware Server. I have tried VMware Player, and it seems to work fine, though I prefer Server, because it has all configuration options and allows me to set up new virtual machines. I typically run XP, even though Vista is supported, and I do have it installed along with 2K."



  • Linux
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