Two Tech Pundits Weigh in on OpenStack’s Cloud Stature


A couple of tech industry heavyweights have just made some interesting comments about the OpenStack cloud computing platform, which happens to be backed by a large cadre of, well, industry heavyweights. Former Microsoftie and noted tech blogger Robert Scoble put up a Google+ post saying that OpenStack would be sidetracked by any attempt to build in API compatibility with Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Meanwhile, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger said that his company’s strategy is to “support OpenStack” despite the fact that the platform is “immature.”

Concerns about OpenStack’s immaturity are not new. As I noted in this post, Citrix, which has its own CloudStack strategy, has steadily maintained that OpenStack has more hype than deployments.  According to a Citrix post:


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