October 18, 2005

Tycho Softworks Opens

David Sugar writes "October 17, 2005; Cape May Court House, NJ --- Tycho Softworks, the premier computer telephony solutions provider which offers commercial support and professional services for GNU Bayonne users worldwide is now open. We will design and develop custom computer telephony solutions for our clients using enterprise class free software platforms such as GNU/Linux and BSD based systems.

Whether one is looking to deploy custom tailored computer automated solutions for receiving telephone calls from the public, or in building solutions that can contact the public on an automated basis, we will design and provide a cost effective solution to fit your business needs. Tycho Softworks plans in the future to offer and support standardized turnkey telephony solutions as well, starting with voip capable prepaid calling card solutions.

As a computer telephony company, we are dedicated to the vision of "telephony everywhere", whether one speaks of automated calling solutions, or the embedding of telephony in all forms of ordinary computer automated business processes, such as accounting and customer contact, sales automation, customer relations management, inventory and shipping control, or service management. Tycho Softworks is committed to the use of free software as the primary means to advance computer automated telephony in the enterprise.

Tycho Softworks offers solutions that improve communications by telephony enabling business processes. Our goal in offering telephony enabled solutions is to improve your efficiency and effectiveness whether communicating internally or with your customers. We generate value, opportunity, and peace of mind for our customers and our investors."

Link: tychosoft.com

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