TYPO3 Adopts a New Strategy for Success

Michelle Heizer writes “TYPO3 Adopts a New Strategy for Success

Rolla, MO February 2, 2005 – TYPO3, the leader in enterprise Open Source content management, has repositioned itself for even greater success with the creation of the TYPO3 Association.

In Tirol, Austria, an international congress of 140 leading TYPO3 experts laid down strategies and programming trends for the successful Open Source tool. The path chosen is delineated by new directions for programmers and developers with a clearly defined organization of the Open Source project.

TYPO3: The Safe Choice

Built on an open architecture, TYPO3 was always a good choice for companies wanting to maximize scalability while retaining control over their CMS. Now backed by the TYPO3 Association, the fast-growing TYPO3 community will enjoy even more substantial support. Based in Switzerland, one of the TYPO3 Association’s main tasks is the continual adaptation of TYPO3 to international software standards. Not only does this allow greater support for the development community, but it also adds value for companies investing in this type of Open Source content management system. The TYPO3 Association will also feature a body over financial and legal matters.

In addition, the TYPO3 Association is working toward quality control, through the development of a certification process for developers and service agencies. The TYPO3 Association is the direct result of TYPO3’s increased popularity and adoption over the last year.

In September 2005, TYCON3, the first international TYPO3 conference, will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany. Sessions will address the needs and concerns of clients as well as the development community.

The Recipe for Success: Modularity coupled with Open Source

‘Object oriented typoscript’ (OBTS) is a revolutionary new tool for programmers and software developers. OBTS offers a graphic editor (IDE) for the easier generation and management of templates, as well as an expanded set of content objects that facilitates the use of pre-established PHP-functions.

A modular ‘drag and drop’ interface in the development field allows users to construct complex configurations without any programming expertise whatsoever. A simple click of the mouse is all it takes.

TYPO3 released a full-featured Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, making TYPO3 a strong competitor among commercial systems with similar features. The Digital Asset Management system helps content editors by automatically assigning keywords and categories to media and data. By using the DAM to create a media pool, data can be more efficiently located and utilized when developing a site.

New authentication services for front-end, as well as back-end, users permit the authentication of TYPO3 against any data source. For example, existing user data from LDAP, Active Directory, Novell e-directory, Oracle, MS-Sql, Sybase or MySQL can be used directly. This furthers TYPO3’s efforts in the field of single sign-on workspaces.

The upcoming version, TYPO3 3.8 has numerous new features relating to the workflow, indexed search engine and version control.

About TYPO3

TYPO3 is a free Open Source enterprise-level content management framework that can be tailored to businesses to meet their internet, intranet and extranet needs. TYPO3 offers functions and modules as well as an expansion kit to maximize the scalability of the application.

At last count, TYPO3 was installed on more than 72,000 servers and more than 17,000 developers have registered at typo3.org. Worldwide, more than 700 consultancies and hosting companies in 50 countries offer TYPO3 services. The application interface is available in over 40 languages making TYPO3 a truly global solution.

Michelle Heizer
TYPO3 Representative – United States