May 19, 2008

Ubuntu - 8.04 (Review)

Author: JT Smith

With such an expansive operating system like Ubuntu 8.04 youââ¬â¢ll likely encounter the gamut of opinions ranging from praise to unsatisfied complaints. Having used Ubuntu 8.04 since the early alpha testing period, I can say that I find Ubuntu 8.04 to be one of the more (if not the most) polished and ready for widespread use Linux operating systems made to date. I would have appreciated if Ubuntu included utilities to control PulseAudio and Compiz by default, but installing those apps were easy enough via Synaptic or apt-get. With Ubuntu 8.04 you get the familiar ease of use found within Ubuntu, a wealth of open source applications ready to install from Ubuntuââ¬â¢s repositories and on top of that the extra stability that seems built into 8.04 LTS. Its amazing how fast and far Ubuntu has progressed in such a short period of time.



  • Linux
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