August 21, 2013

Ubuntu In a Nutshell: App Upload Process

This article is part of a series of blog posts covering the many different areas of work going on in Ubuntu right now. See the introduction post here that links to all the articles.

In this article I am going to discuss some improvements we making to significantly simply and speed up how app devs get their apps into Ubuntu.

You can think of an Ubuntu system as two layers of software:

  1. The System – the core Operating System includes the system software itself that is required to boot the device, bring up services (e.g. networking/bluetooth/sound), and display the user interface.
  2. The Applications – these are the applications that run on top of the system where you spend most of your time as a user.

When we started working on Ubuntu back in 2004 the system and the applications where closely intermingled. We basically synced the Debian archive with Ubuntu, applied a bunch of patches, and whatever was in the Debian and Ubuntu archives was available as applications. There were some inherent problems with this approach:

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