January 18, 2013

Ubuntu Phone Looks Like The Future Of Computing

phone-photo-cameraCanonical is nothing if not brave. From radically modifying the user interface of Ubuntu Desktop, to pushing into the television market, Canonical is driving Ubuntu far beyond its beginnings as just another Linux distro. With their latest push, an android and iPhone competitor, Ubuntu is skating to where they puck is going to be. But, which such a bold move, there are significant obstacles to overcome. The soon to be released Ubuntu Phone is paving the way that all smart phones will eventually go.

The first computers were gigantic, filling rooms and requiring constant care and maintenance. Over time, the components required to build the computers become smaller and cheaper, till eventually it was possible to put one on your desk. The computer stayed on the desk until the laptop computer, a smaller, more portable, but just as powerful machine, made it nearly obsolete. And then, the iPhone was released, followed shortly after by Android and the Palm WebOS, and the next step in computing was clear. What we did not immediately understand was if mobile computing was an accessory, or a replacement, for the traditional desktop machines...Read more at Ostatic

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