December 10, 2009

Ubuntu Security Notice 870-1: PyGreSQL vulnerability

Article Source Ubuntu Security Notices
December 10, 2009, 4:33 pm
Steffen Joeris discovered that PyGreSQL 3.8 did not use PostgreSQL's safe string and bytea functions in its own escaping functions. As a result, applications written to use PyGreSQL's escaping functions are vulnerable to SQL injections when processing certain multi-byte character sequences. Because the safe functions require a database connection, to maintain backwards compatibility, pg.escape_string() and pg.escape_bytea() are still available, but applications will have to be adjusted to use the new pyobj.escape_string() and pyobj.escape_bytea() functions. For example, code containing: import pg connection = pg.connect(...) escaped = pg.escape_string(untrusted_input) should be adjusted to use: import pg connection = pg.connect(...) escaped = connection.escape_string(untrusted_input)...
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